gratitude changes everything

By Caroline Huffstetler

my delicious smoothie bowl....yum yum yum!

my delicious smoothie bowl....yum yum yum!

Over the next week, I challenge you to try writing a gratitude journal.  I’ll be honest…I have fallen off the wagon on this one.  So, I am going to undertake the challenge with you! It is one of the most incredible tools you can use to create a happier life.  It’s so hard to focus on the positive in our culture.  We are constantly bombarded with shootings, bombings, and acts of hate in the news.  I promise you though, there is good out in the world!

Here’s the way I like to keep my gratitude journal.  First, find an inspiring photo…something that makes you smile.  It might be a picture of nature, a picture of family or friends, a picture of your pet.  It can be your photo or someone else’s.  As long as it makes you smile :) Next, list 3 things you are grateful for.  This can seriously be anything.  And the list can be short and sweet (i.e. I am grateful for: 1) my mom, 2) my dad, 3) my brothers).  As you keep up your journal, you’ll actually want to write more.  You get to use this time to reflect on how wonderful your life is.  And it only takes 5 minutes.  I personally like to write my journal first thing in the morning so I shed a positive light on the rest of the day.

Below is an example of a full gratitude journal entry…and it’s my first entry of the challenge!

me and my brothers back in the day :)

me and my brothers back in the day :)

I am grateful for:

1)  All of my kickstarter pledgers.  I would not have been able to open up this new storefront and kitchen without you! Thank you!

2)  Nutty Life.  It makes me smile every day.  It’s challenging and fun!

3)  My family.  They’re so supportive of what I’m doing.  They make me laugh.  They make me smile.  And they challenge my patience ;) I guess that’s what having 4 brothers will do to you though.  JK, kinda…love you John, Ky, Mikey, and Chris!

What are you grateful for?!

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Stay happy and healthy :)