5 ways to stay grounded during the workday

By Briana Menendez

Briana is a health food and fitness enthusiast who looks for simple ways to be healthy while navigating the demands of working at an ad agency. As part of her mission to make healthy easy, she will be guest blogging for Nutty Life! She's currently pursuing a graduate certificate in Nutrition from Tufts Friedman School and has a BA in creative writing and art from Colgate University. Although she's now Boston-based, Briana grew up in Aspen, CO, where her love for a healthy, active lifestyle all began. Her favorite Nutty Life mylk is Choco Cashew.


Are you ever sitting at your desk and realize that your shoulders are shrugged up to your ears, you’re holding your breath, and your face couldn’t possibly get closer to the computer screen? Hits a little too close to home, right? Between the meetings, emails, and problem-solving that happen on any given day at the office, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are five simple tips that help me stay grounded throughout the workday.

1. Take long, deep breaths: The best thing about them is that they are free and you can never have too many. Breathing is something we normally don't have to think about but bringing awareness to our bodies through our breath can help keep our nervous system calm and our minds focused. Try to make your exhales longer than your inhales by breathing in for a count of three and out for a count of five (or adjust to what feels good for you).

2. Eat away from your desk: Do you ever finish your lunch and not know what you ate because you were responding to emails the whole time? Even if it means staying a bit later at night, enjoying lunch away from your desk, computer, and phone is worth it. You might even make new friends in the process. Eating slowly, without distractions, has not only helped me better recognize when I’m full, but it has also improved my digestion.

3. Have a treat to look forward to: This is one of my favorite tips. Whether it's a Nutty Life cinnamon oat delight "cookie dough" bite, a few pieces of dark chocolate, or a 5-minute Instagram break, having a treat to look forward to feels good… and who doesn’t like to feel good? The anticipation leading up to enjoying the treat will make you savor it that much more.


4. Personalize your desk: I’m not suggesting you bring in photo albums, stuffed animals, and slippers to the office, but making your desk a comfortable place to be is essential to staying grounded and feeling at ease. Try adding a small plant or interesting lamp and see how it spices up the feng shui. I recommend bamboo because it doesn’t require a ton of natural light to stay alive.

5. Go on an afternoon stroll: You’ve probably heard this one before. It sounds so simple but in reality, it’s much harder to get away from your desk than you think it might be—there’s always one more phone call to make or one more slide to create—and the brisk walk often gets deprioritized. But, we shouldn’t let it, because a walk around the block can do wonders for productivity. Moving your body and getting fresh air will have you coming back to the office feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next item on your to-do list.