nutty life launches in stores this month!

By Caroline Huffstetler

Nutty Life simply cashew milk! :) Launching in stores this month! 

Nutty Life simply cashew milk! :) Launching in stores this month! 

About three and a half years ago, my cousin Kourtney taught me how to make almond milk.  And I fell in love with it.  After learning what was in the almond milk I had been drinking (basically no almonds, carrageenan, and a bunch of other chemicals), I was appalled and vowed to never take a sip of that poison again.  Food is meant to be pure and wholesome.  It's meant to be free of chemical additives.  It's supposed to be delicious and nutritious.  And that's what Nutty Life is all about - delivering you tastiness, health, purity, and wholeness one sip at a time.  All of our milks contain at least 20 percent nuts, 10 times the amount in big name brands.  We sweeten with dates and use the whole date, meaning you get all the fiber and nutrients from the date.  WOOOO HOOOO!

We love our almond milk but we love our cashew milk even more.  It’s creamier & tastier :) We are launching with our top sellers in Boston area stores, farm shops, and fitness studios THIS MONTH.  Simply cashew is our blend of filtered water, organic cashews, organic dates, and sea salt.  Vanilla bean cashew is our mix of filtered water, organic cashews, organic dates, organic vanilla bean, and sea salt.  Nuts over chocolate is our organic cacao twist on the vanilla bean blend.  Sometimes people ask me how you use our cashew milk.  Personally, I like to use the simply and vanilla in smoothies, cereal, and coffee.  And I like to drink the chocolate on its own, freeze it into popsicles, or mix it with chia seeds and raspberries to make delicious pudding.  The ways you can use Nutty Life cashew milk are endlessly delicious!

The wonderful San of Gracenote :)

The wonderful San of Gracenote :)

Thank you to our coffee shops who already carry Nutty Life: Gracenote & Loyal Nine.  You can order Nutty Life cashew milk as a replacement for milk in all of your beverages at each shop! And they’re both as adorable as can be with amazing people – like San of Gracenote, who is showing off his Nutty Life hat above.

And here's a sneak peek into some of the awesome shops and studios that will be carrying Nutty Life 16oz cashew milk bottles at the end of the month.  We love each and every one of them :) They are hand picked as the perfect fit for Nutty Life! If you want to see Nutty Life in a Boston area store near you, please reach out!

  • Btone - North End, Boston.  Say hi to Jody! She's the best :)
  • Brookline Grown - Brookline.  Say hi to Emily...she is amazing!
  • Cambridge Naturals - Porter Square, Cambridge.  Everyone has been awesome so far.  Make sure to say hi to Brenden!
  • Levend Bagelry - Boston Public Market, Boston.  Say hi to the bagel master, Alex!
  • Newton's Nectar - Newton Center.  Say hi to the Newton master of green juice, Dani :)
  • Taco Party - Ball Square, Somerville.  Keith is my hero for making delicious vegan tacos & pinto dip.  Make sure to try a taco & say hi!
  • The Local Fare - Capitol Square, Arlington.  AVAILABLE NOW!!! Our very own shop with Boston Bonbon & Kitchen Millie! Open 7 days a week :) Monday through Friday 3-7pm & Saturday and Sunday 11am-7pm.
  • Volante Farms - Needham.  Again, awesome people! Say hi to the Volantes :) And a shout out to employee @shakesvshunger for his plant-based adventures!

We are so happy to be a part of the Boston community.  Thank you to everyone for their support so far! And again, let us know if you need Nutty Life in a store near you!

Stay happy and healthy :)