nutty chocolate shake

By Caroline Huffstetler

It's been a I figured a recipe to satisfy that sunday sweet tooth was in order :) I just whipped up this nutty peanut butter chocolate shake and it not only satisfied my sweet tooth but it filled me up!  And it was healthy enough to replace my lunch.

And! What you can't see is that there are delicious chunks of nutty life vegan cookie dough bites throughout the entire shake.  NOM NOM NOM.

To make it yourself, blend together:

You'll also need 3-4 nutty life organic vegan cookie dough bites, organic raspberries, and organic coconut shreds.  Break the cookie dough bites into small chunks.

Slowly pour the blended shake into a cup, tossing in raspberries & cookie dough bites along the way so the first bite and the last bite taste just as good :)  Top off the smoothie with raspberries and coconut shreds.  then...DEVOUR it.  Enjoy!!!

Stay happy and healthy :)