crazy for cashew cacao! moo-oove on over chocolate cow!

how nutty life nuts over chocolate cashew milk compares to cow’s chocolate milk

By Erin Olejnik

photo by @bostonfoodphoto

photo by @bostonfoodphoto

When I was a Division I Athlete, I tried to drink chocolate milk as much as possible after workouts, because one of my former coaches touted how it was the ideal post-exercise recovery drink. As I grew older and became more interested in nutrition, I asked: why is chocolate milk so special? After a little bit of digging, I found that the study my coach was quoting only inferred that chocolate milk was better than high-sugar sports drinks. The study also only had eight participants, and it was funded by the National Dairy Council – both signs of a biased study.

When I discovered nutty life nuts over chocolate cashew milk, my immediate thought was how wonderful it would be post-workout. Regular chocolate milk made from cows is believed to be a great recovery drink because of the high concentration of carbohydrates and protein; however, the carbohydrates primarily come from the refined sugars in the cocoa powder that gives the milk its chocolate-y taste (sorry to disappoint anyone who thought chocolate milk came from chocolate cows!).  nutty life nuts over chocolate cashew milk has no added sugars, because it’s sweetened with dates. Also, a lot of the carbohydrates in nuts over chocolate come in the form of dietary fiber! For protein content, chocolate milk and nuts over chocolate have a similar amount per serving, but cashew milk doesn’t rely on the labor of farm animals for protein.

And, the best part about nutty life nuts over chocolate is how it gets its delicious, creamy, chocolate-y flavor: organic cacao. Cacao is a much purer form of chocolate that serves as a wonderful source of iron and magnesium, plus it contains a plethora of antioxidants that its processed cousin cocoa lacks.  See the nutritional comparison for both kinds of 6oz milk below. Cow’s chocolate milk facts are based on USDA info.

chocolate milk comparison (nutty life vs cow).jpg

Next time you want a chocolate-y post-workout superfood snack that will make your taste buds scream with joy, reach for nutty life nuts over chocolate cashew milk! It's super healthy and basically tastes like a chocolate shake.  You gotta eat, so it might as well taste darn good and be darn good for you!