we are so excited to partner up with the amazing shops below! some of these locations use our 32oz cafe blend behind their coffee / smoothie bar & some sell our grab-n-go 12oz cashew milk and/or our 32oz cafe blend bottles. flavor options vary at each location, so call beforehand if you are looking for something in particular :)

want to see our cashew milk, cashew milk kits, and cookie dough in a store near you? contact us to let us know which products you want & where!

you can also now order delicious local produce + our cashew milk and other awesome local products through Boston Organics, Farmers to You, and Mike’s Organic Delivery!


key: green = 12oz and/or 32oz bottles, cashew milk kits, and/or cookie dough on hand; blue = use cashew milk as an option behind coffee / smoothie bar; purple = 12oz and/or 32oz bottles on hand & use as an option behind coffee / smoothie bar.