we are so excited to partner up with the amazing shops below! Gracenote near South Station, Loyal Nine in Cambridge, Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington, and The Grove Cafe in Lynnfield all use our cashew milk as an alternative to dairy behind their coffee bar.  Oat Shop in Somerville and the FULLer CUP in Winchester use our cashew milk as their alternative to dairy behind the coffee bar & sell our grab-n-go bottles! the other shops sell our grab-n-go cashew milk bottles.  some of our locations sell our 32oz cafe blend, which is perfect for at-home steaming or for cereal milk! flavor options vary at each location, so call beforehand if you are looking for something in particular :)

want to see our cashew milk, cookie dough, or body products in a store near you? contact us to let us know which products you want & where! and if you're headed out to buy some of our products in store, call ahead of time to make sure they're stocked up!

you can also now order delicious local produce + our cashew milk and other awesome local products through Boston Organics!


key: green = 12oz and/or 32oz bottles, cookie dough, and/or body products on hand; blue = use as an option behind coffee / smoothie bar; purple = 12oz and/or 32oz bottles on hand & use as an option behind coffee / smoothie bar.